All Work and No Play...
Occasion: The redesign of a US/London based agricultural commodities company to eliminate the usage restrictions on a store bought logo and move the firm onto the global stage. Drink: Ketel-One vodka martini with a lemon twist.
Occasion: First Place in the Graphic Arts Association competition (announcement category 2019). In conjunction with Spencer Zahn & Assoc. At the Philadelphia Water Works Awards Ceremony. Drink: Ketel One vodka martini with a lime twist.
Great Work Starts With Great Communication.
Clients Include:
Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality and People.

It all begins with an idea.
The most important part of any branding. The foundation that all communications rely on. It builds relationships with your customers and is the symbol of you in the marketplace. For something so critical it is important to get it right. A custom logo brings value and substance that can not be understated, including becoming a Registered Trademark to give the added legal security to help you grow and protect your interest. We help you say who you are, so others can not.

Current client a US/London based agricultural commodities company.

Event logo to promote a day of peace and reflection.
Le Bec Fin Wine Bar
Sponsored Event Logo, other cities (not shown) included Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia etc.
None profit youth program.
B to B and retail logo and tag.
More then boxes and bags.

Annie Haslam CD Package, winner of a number of national and international awards.

​​​​​Casino brand vodka. Package included a usable playing chip.

One way to get past a spam filter.

Hotel event package deal.

Other Samples on Request.