New Office Update

An office on the water (when complete). The through holes have been removed so to safety say for long times at dock. The kitchen counter was removed to supply more seating. Maybe just a dream, but dreams keep us going.

All Work and No Play...
Occasion: Meeting with the legendary Spencer Zahn ( to discuss a US/London based agricultural commodities company branding to eliminate the usage restrictions on a store bought logo and move the firm onto the global stage. Drink: Ketel-One vodka martini with a lemon twist.
Occasion: First Place in the Graphic Arts Association competition (announcement category 2019). In conjunction with Spencer Zahn & Assoc. At the Philadelphia Water Works Awards Ceremony. Drink: Ketel One vodka martini with a lime twist.
Clients Include:
Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality and People.

It all begins with an idea.